A new home for IT community has been handed over in Subotica

Digital Hive Kkt., A medium-scale economic development information technology center with the support of the Hungarian government, was organized in Subotica, organized by the Prosperitati Foundation.

The IT home was dreamed up by young people – it was said at the event. This facility has been successfully implemented by three different companies engaged in the production and development of digital products. One of the main goals of the center was to have an IT hub. With this facility, they have been able to create working conditions that will attract more professionals here.


At the time of the application, we counted on 32 employees, and now we are starting with 55. I think this is not a bad development over these two years, but no less ambitious for the future. – Andor Koza, founder, Digital Hive Kft.

According to the director of the Prosperitati Foundation, there are tremendous opportunities for IT development.

The opportunities for IT export are huge, practically podiums. I believe he will soon be a leader in export products. – Bálint Juhász, Managing Director, Prosperitati Foundation

Prva žurka u Digital Hive centru

Pogledajte kako je protekla prva žurka u našem centru 🙂

Posted by Digital Hive on Уторак, 24. септембар 2019.

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