Another Meetup of the Project Partners

Vojvodina IT Cluster, Subotica IT Cluster, and Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. (as management organization of the Software Innovation Pole Cluster) were granted 394.719,07 EUR to implement the CHECK-IT project – HUSRB/1602/41/0190 within the framework of the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Cross-border Co-operation Program.

During the implementation of the project, on April 24, 2019 Porta Novum Nonprofit Ltd. organized a Networking Meetup to share experiences of the training programme also implemented within the framework of the project, and foster business opportunities among participating professionals.

Speekers of the Networking Meetup were:

  • Mónika Gortva-Kónya, Project Manage
  • Tamás Susányi, mentor
  • Balázs Szabó, IT Expert
  • Zsolt Hajdu, IT Expert

Moderator of the meeting was Szabolcs Imreh.

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